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Top Three (3) Cellphone/Electronics Accessories for Christmas


In the last decade technology has taken the world by storm, and with such immense technological advances, new gadgets are everywhere; the classroom being no exception! And whilst they can be quite pricey, there’s such a huge range of choice that every teen is bound to find a device that suits their needs. Here’s our Top 3 cellphone accessories!


Front Camera Cover:

Give yourself privacy and peace of mind and take control of your digital privacy!
If a computer or mobile devices is infected with malware, the intruder can easily access and us the Operating Systems features and watch you without you ever even suspecting anything.
Front Camera / Web Camera Privacy Covers securely protect you front facing cameras when they are not in use and prevent web hackers and/or intruders from Spying on you. Compatible with cell phones, tablets, and laptops! It is the perfect accessory to provide privacy, security and peace of mind to individuals, groups, organizations, and companies. — Still need convincing?
Open your favorite search engine and search for “Insecam” — Creepy right? Creepy indeed…

Protective Cases:


A laptop or tablet is a huge investment, and an essential gadget to every teen; so be sure to protect it! If you like to take your device out and about or have it stored in your bag be sure to purchase a case. With a range of laptop cases, every teen is sure to find something that suits them. Something that ensures high protection with shock proof padding or something that has a slimmer fit that can easily fit in your school bag. When on the go it’s always best to have a case to prevent cracks and scratches and to ensure minimal damage if you do drop your device.



High quality audio technology meets eye-catching and unique style with these affordable headphones. Scientifically engineered to deliver quality sound and fit for comfortable use. Headphones with noise cancellation like these keeps music in and noise canceled-out. Take calls and control your music from your device, and great for when your hands are full while traveling and/or carrying those chunky books from the library!


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