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The Barber Backpack Launches Sleeker/More Secure ‘Master Barber Backpack’

The Barber Backpack team is back with a revamped version of their Barber Backpack, dubbed the “Master Barber Backpack.” As per the Barber Backpack’s official blog:

We are pleased to launch the ‘Master Barber Backpack!’ A unique custom made backpack, hand crafted and taylor just for barbers, hair stylists, and grooming professionals! The new model comes equipped with a metal handle, a built in anti-theft lock and a usb charging port, where users can connect their power banks for charging mobile devices and other electronics while on the go.

The ‘Master’ Barber Backpack is a top of the line premium backpack, made specifically for haircutting professional such as barbers, hairstylists, cosmeticians, and other grooming & beauty professionals. Users can easily secure and protect your valuable clippers, guards, shears, brushes, combs, blow dryers, drapes, hair products, and more! All of our products are hand craft using only premium quality materials. All of our bags are waterproof and designed by Master barbers and hair stylists with ease of use, reliability, durable, and comfort at the forefront of our bag’s custom design. Our unique design integrates impact absorption, while simultaneously protecting your valuable tools from various bumps and drops.


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A message from our owner @KevinLWalker ——— We heard @vincethebarber and @byapptonlyco were out here spreading lies and trying to milk hard working barbers… — We dont sell the @BarberBackpack because we NEED to. We exist because we are dedicated to providing hard workin barbers and hair stylists with products and services at AFFORDABLE prices. • • (Link above in bio!) • • #barbershop #barbershopconnect #mobilebarber #masterbarber #hair #travelingbarber #scissorsalute #barber #stylist #barberlife #stylistlife #barbergang #menshair #hair #igdaily #instagood #barbers #barberbackpack #byapptonly #organizedbarber #housecalls #babering #barbernation #hairstyles #clippers#hairtrends #hairdesign

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