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The 2017 Cartoon That Predicted Kobe Bryant’s Death in a Helicopter Crash?

The 2017 Cartoon That Predicted Kobe Bryant’s Death in a Helicopter Crash?

The clip is from “The Legends of Chamberlain Heights,” a show that aired on Comedy Central in 2017. It shows Kobe crashing in a helicopter, and being asked to hand over his trophies before the helicopter explodes and he dies.

In actual real life, Kobe’s helicopter did explode, which is not always the case with helicopter crashes, making this an even stranger “coincidence.”



The theories in summary are that: the “higher powers” insert messages of things that they’re planning to do into art, media/news, “gematria,” and they also use public figure as avatars– in particular, satanic acts, such as a ritual sacrifice of a popular celebrity – in popular media before it happens. Telling people about it before it happens is somehow a part of the ritual (in a way I don’t really understand – something about how revealing your intent beforehand makes it more powerful).

The most egregious example of this is the X-Files spin-off show “The Lone Gunman” airing an episode in March of 2001, showing a false flag attack on the World Trade Center, where the shadow government planned to fly a remote controlled passenger jet into the towers in order to launch a global war on terrorism.

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Now that is very specific, and many could confidently conclude that someone knows something, and this is far too specific to be a coincidence, but rather a display of foreknowledge.

However, it is quite probable that a lot of intelligence agents knew that 911 was going to happen and that the writers of the X-Files were in touch with such people.

The episode was written by X-Files creator Chris Carter, who is a pretty tuned-in guy, and Vince Gilligan of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame, who has also always struck me as a pretty intelligent person.

Furthermore, other people were predicting this sort of thing. Alex Jones said in June of 2001 that the government was planning to use Osama Bin Laden in a false flag attack on the World Trade Center (he also mentioned blowing up planes, though he didn’t specifically say “fly a plane into the WTC”).


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