Wikipedia Admins Publish and Promote False Incorrect Information on Vigilante Diaries & Kevin L Walker on Wikipedia 00

Wikipedia Admins Publish and Promote False/Incorrect Information on Vigilante Diaries & Kevin L. Walker on Wikipedia

Despite the overwhelming proof that Kevin L. Walker is listed before Michael jai White, Wikipedia continues to promote incorrect information on Vigilante Diaries the film. Kevin L. Walker is indeed billed above Michael Jai White, Michael Madsen, James Russo, and other known actors, as clearly seen here on the actual screen credits however, Wikipedia admins continue to act maliciously, and refuse to correctly list Walker. They also refuse to list information on the Federal Lawsuit & Federal Judgement that was issued on the film. Did anyone say “FAKE NEWS” ?

Vigilante Diaries Star Kevin L. Walker Confirms 100% Arbitration Award for Cast and Crew

Vigilante Diaries Star Kevin L. Walker Confirms 100% Arbitration Award for Cast and Crew

Vigilante Diaries released in 2016 worldwide by Anchor Bay Entertainment starring Kevin L. Walker, Jason Mewes, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Michael Madsen, and Michael Jai White.The film was at least exhibited on HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, iTunes, Vudu, Youtube, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and select theaters domestically and internationally.

Vigilante Diaries - Producers dont pay Cast & Crew

Vigilante Diaries Producers/Distributors Refuse to Pay SAG-AFTRA & Kevin L Walker, Rampage Jackson and Cast Residuals Due

Vigilante Diaries Producers maliciously withholding paying the from Cast and Crew? Kevin L. Walker, Rampage Jackson, Michael Jai White, Noel Guglielmi, Jason Mewes, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and the entire cast and crew has not been paid residuals for the SAG-AFTRA film, which was internationally distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment/HBO/Lionsgate/STARZ/and more.

Kevin L walker and Paul Sloan Star in Vigilante Diraries

‘Vigilante Diaries’: Film Review by ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Paul Sloan (who co-wrote the tapestry of action-flick cliches that is the screenplay) stars as a military man-turned-“self-made superhero” called the Vigilante, and back to reprise their roles with him are Kevin L. Walker (a deadly soldier/hero named, “the Kid”) and Jason Mewes (as “Mike Hanover”). (Some crimefighters use secret identities, but whenever villains capture this one, a big V-shaped scar on his torso makes the whole “I’m just Bruce Wayne!” act infeasible.)