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Senior Citizens Being Robbed Blind by “Guardians”, Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Developers, & More ?

Senior Citizens Being Robbed Blind by "Guardians", Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Developers, & More ?

Season 2 of “Dirty Money” has come out and one episode about the legal motions that get a competent senior citizen put into an unwanted guardianship and then robbed blind, is extremely concerning, and a cause for concern for every America.

Guardianship has seemingly become nothing more than a government sanctioned and facilitated system of human trafficking for profit.  One of the most insidious parts of this disgusting system is the forcing of the victim to pay all of the expenses of those involved in the predatory guardianship.  Doing so makes the theft of estates so much easier and more efficient.

Marti Oakly has a great verbal explanation of this here.

Estates are stolen, homes are sold, trusts are broken into, wills are discarded, bank accounts raided, and personal items and family memorabilia are disposed of.  Everything that defined that elder’s life is wiped out, thrown away, discarded.  They have been effectively erased.

While we are encouraged to regard lawyers, doctors, guardians, attorney’s and others as somehow deserving of respect, this issue has clearly exposed the fact that many of these people are the worst among us.  For those in any one of these professions who have enough integrity, sense of honor and morals, attempting to defend a victim from these predators can be career suicide.

As despicable as many of these professionals are, that individual sitting on the bench is the worst of them all.  Everything revolves around the cooperation of this individual to make sure the system runs smoothly.

Season 2’s final episode, “Guardians, Inc.,” leaves users angry and nauseated with its depiction of the elder-guardian “industry,” and the vultures who leverage adult-protection services to drain seniors’ bank accounts.

A man that was a functional mechanic, living and enjoying life, and was financially worth millions, found himself involuntarily rendered incompetent and made “wards of the state,” removed from his comfortable-rent free home, forced into senior living home, and forced to pay various new monthly costs.

The Netflix documentary shows an aggressive “guardian” that goes to his house, and when he refuses to leave with her and states everything is ok (as any adult should be able to) he is removed from his home, and isolated from his loved ones.

They are allegedly overmedicated to a degree where they cannot fight back, and with no say over their own finances, they have no options.

Senior Citizens Being Robbed Blind by Guardians, Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Developers, & More ? 99

His Vehicles are seized from his home and sold, regardless of what he says, and due to shady legal practices, the documentary ended stating that approximately 1,500,000 senior citizens could be negatively effected like this, as well, finding themselves essentially being held as overmedicated “prisoners.


As a ward of the state they have no control over their finances and in some situations millions of dollars are stolen from incapable senior citizens, their property and valuables are sold, or demolished and rebuilt from the ground up, and they receive nothing.



The man below stated adjacent properties of his were demolished and sold for millions of dollars, of which he has receive $00.00.

Once has to ask, “how is this happenings? ”

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