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Seattle Security Guard Bravely Disarms Rioters of AR-15 rifles Left in Police Vehicle

A security guard hired to protect a local news crew covering protests in Seattle protests Saturday night disarmed two masked men each carrying a loaded AR-15 rifle, which were irresponsibly left unattended in a police cruiser. The guard confiscated the weapons to prevent any injuries, according to reports.

Metropolitan areas across the nation have devolved into rioting and looting for several consecutive nights after the death of George Floyd, a black man seen in the viral video with a former Minneapolis officer’s knee to his neck, along with 3 other officer pinning him down: Only one officer has been arrested so far.

Rioters in Seattle reportedly had stolen two loaded AR-15s out of a smashed Seattle Police Department cruiser, which was lit on fire earlier in the evening. Someone started firing one weapon into vehicles, sending crowds of protesters running from the scene.

The former Special Forces member got the people there to safety before pulling his own handgun on the rioter, yanking the AR-15 out of his hand and disarming the weapon.

The guard returned to the people nearby, who then called 911, but, while waiting for police to arrive, crowds could be heard starting to panic once again. Realizing a second man was armed with another AR-15, the security guard sprung into action again.

The second man, wearing a hoodie and a blue bandana over his face to conceal his identity, could be seen on live broadcast footage carrying an AR-15 before the security guard entered the frame, who pointed his own gun at the man and snatched the rifle.

Many want answers as to why Seattle Police left an AR-15 unattended in a cruiser.

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