Kevin L walker and Paul Sloan Star in Vigilante Diraries

‘Vigilante Diaries’: Film Review by ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Paul Sloan (who co-wrote the tapestry of action-flick cliches that is the screenplay) stars as a military man-turned-“self-made superhero” called the Vigilante, and back to reprise their roles with him are Kevin L. Walker (a deadly soldier/hero named, “the Kid”) and Jason Mewes (as “Mike Hanover”). (Some crimefighters use secret identities, but whenever villains capture this one, a big V-shaped scar on his torso makes the whole “I’m just Bruce Wayne!” act infeasible.)

Kevin L. Walker / Donnabella Mortel / Space Chariot

Out of This World Hoverboard x L.A. GEAR Commercial produced by Creative Geniuses featured by “High Snobiety”

The “hoverboard” fad sweeping the planet is currently in overdrive, so much so that their use has raised safety concerns in some parts of the world. Still, that hasn’t deterred brands from marketing the futuristic (and by many counts ridiculous) devices to the masses. Space Chariot, an LA-based company, has capitalized on the upsurge of self-balancing scooters, and is now teaming…

vigilante-diaries-poster- kevin L. Walker

William Morris Endeavor to Produce Web Series ‘Vigilante Diaries’ Starring Kevin L. Walker and Jason Mewes

Kevin L. Walker, Jason Mewes (“Clerks,” the “Jay and Silent Bob” films), and Paul Sloan (I Am Wrath) co-star in a new ground breaking approach to crowdfunding, building a fanbase for their latest project, the action comedy “Vigilante Diaries.”