Flip Major x Quavo - Take A Look

Flip Major & Quavo Drop Some Good California Music on ‘Take A Look’ Album

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Flip Major aka Chief Major, is back again to deliver some California bangers with his album titled, ‘Take A Look.’



Major grew up in Victorville, California (about 85 miles northeast of Los Angeles). In his early years, Major states he felt like a kindred spirit to the characters in the 1989 sports comedy Major League.

Major: “I feel like I’ve always been counted out. Maybe it’s because of where I’m from or some other reason, but I feel like I haven’t gotten the fair share of what I deserve.”

Major earned his moniker in his hometown after running with the local ‘Flipmode’ crew. A friend began calling him ‘Flip Major’ because of his tendency to naturally network with people.  Major aims to push forward and upward with his latest album, already receiving endorsements from celebrities like, Kevin L. Walker (Vigilante Diaries, The Young and The Restless, Pope, Retail).



In Flip Major’s own words:

“Whatever you do, do it major. When it’s all said and done, I think I’ll be more than an average Joe, but that’s who I feel like I represent. I represent the kid that grew up in the suburbs, that didn’t grow up in the major city but in a small town. Your idea of a California person is either a thug or a skater and I represent the guys that don’t really have a label. That’s why I consider myself worthy of being in the major leagues, not the minors. I’m here for the Major Leagues and I’m coming for the top. I’m not coming for the King of Victorville, the King of IE, the King of California. I’m coming for the King of the World.”


You can Listen to Flip Major’s Take A Look’ album on iTunes!

You can find more information on ‘Flip Major’ on his Official Website



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