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Peruvian Entrepreneurs Launch Banana Leaf Plates that are Biodegradable

Peruvian Entrepreneurs Launch Banana Leaf Plates that are Biodegradable

In an attempt to phase out the use of plastic plates, a new product called Bio Plant, started by a couple of Peruvian entrepreneurs, uses banana leaves to manufacture biodegradable dishes. Chewa Plant, lead by Josué Soto and Rolf Torres Lizárraga, aims to manufacture and commercialize the disposable dishes to help reduce plastic consumption and the pollution it causes.

Wikipedia Admins Publish and Promote False Incorrect Information on Vigilante Diaries & Kevin L Walker on Wikipedia 00

Wikipedia Admins Publish and Promote False/Incorrect Information on Vigilante Diaries & Kevin L. Walker on Wikipedia

Despite the overwhelming proof that Kevin L. Walker is listed before Michael jai White, Wikipedia continues to promote incorrect information on Vigilante Diaries the film. Kevin L. Walker is indeed billed above Michael Jai White, Michael Madsen, James Russo, and other known actors, as clearly seen here on the actual screen credits however, Wikipedia admins continue to act maliciously, and refuse to correctly list Walker. They also refuse to list information on the Federal Lawsuit & Federal Judgement that was issued on the film. Did anyone say “FAKE NEWS” ?


Cardano (ADA) Incentivized Testnet: How to Participate and Stake Your Crypto

The Cardano Incentivized testnet is the beginning of cryptocurrency’s “Shelley” rollout, which will culminate in the release of what is said to be a secure, decentralized proof-of-stake (PoS) network. Allowing users to “stake” their coins, which allows holders to receive coins passively, simply for holding coins, and stabilizing the network. Article originally read on Bitcoin Cryptocurrency List.

The Barber Backpack Launches Sleeker Slimmer Bag Dedicated to Affordable Pricing

The Barber Backpack Launches Sleeker/Slimmer Bag Dedicated to Affordable Pricing

Barber Backpack launched several years ago and has since climbed to the top of the heath and beauty space, becoming of the world’s most sought after product by barbers and hair-stylists. The company was launched by seasoned serial entrepreneur, Kevin L. Walker, with three locations around Southern California (North Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica).…

Top FALSE Bitcoin:Cryptocurrency Statements

Top FALSE Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Statements

As with any new area of investment, cryptocurrencies have prompted potential investors and analysts to ask many questions. In the past couple of years, digital currencies have experienced significant boosts in popularity, and there are persistent untruths, myths, and rumors about the space in general and about certain coins and tokens in particular. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common myths about digital currencies, and we’ll explore whether or not each contains some truth.