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13 Very useful Kitchen Hacks To Keep in mind

13 Very useful Kitchen Hacks To Keep in mind

We eat food every single day, thus making preparing and consuming food a pivotal part of our daily lives. Here are 13 Kitchen hacks that most will surely find extremely useful.


1. Save Your Salty Soups

If you put a little too much salt in your soup, don’t panic. Drop a peeled potato in the soup and allow it to cook for several minutes, then take it out. It will absorb some of the salt and help fix your soup.


2. Fix Burnt Rice

Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

Rice is sometimes hard to cook. It can easily burn on the bottom and then ruin the flavor of the entire pot. Before you scrap the pot, place a piece of white bread on top of the rice for a few minutes. It will absorb the burnt flavor and save the rice that is not stuck on the bottom.

3. Pop All Your Popcorn Kernels

Have you ever noticed that when you pop popcorn, some of the kernels don’t pop? You can make more of them pop by soaking them in water before you pop them. This will allow the kernels to open up and pop more easily.


4. Stop Potatoes From Sprouting

There’s nothing worse than forgetting about your potatoes and then finding out they have sprouted. You can stop them from sprouting so soon by dropping an apple in the bag with the potatoes. The apple will stop them from sprouting.


5. Defrost Food Faster

If you want to defrost your meat quickly, you can do so by pouring vinegar on the surface. It will help melt the ice and bring your frozen food back to life. Just rinse it before cooking to remove the vinegar.


6. Remove Excess Fat

If your sauce or soup is looking too oily, there’s a way to take some of the oil and grease out of it. Just wrap some ice cubes in paper towels and drop them into the soup or sauce. They will pull the excess oil and grease right out of the dish.


7. Thicken Runny Sauces

If you make your sauce too runny, it can ruin a dish. You can thicken it by simply putting a lasagna noodle into the sauce. It will absorb the excess liquid and help make the sauce thicker. Toss the noodle out before serving.

8. Get Rid Of The Ice On Ice Cream

When you put your ice cream in the freezer, it can collect ice and get a crusty top. Nobody wants to eat that. You can avoid this by putting a piece of wax paper on the ice cream before you put the lid on. Take the lid off when you are ready to eat it, peel back the wax paper, and enjoy soft ice cream.


9. Prevent Cake From Sticking

Nothing is worse than a cake that sticks to the pan. You can prevent this by simply setting the cake pan on a damp towel when it comes out of the oven. Flip the pan, and the cake should come right out. It will save your cake and your frustrations.


10. Warm Baking Ingredients

When you are baking, it’s best to have your ingredients at room temperature. Sometimes, you forget and don’t take them out of the fridge in time. You can warm them quickly by wrapping them in plastic and putting them in a glass of hot water for a few minutes.


11. Roast Without Flipping

If you like to roast veggies and other foods, you know that you have to flip them halfway through. You can avoid this step by simply preheating your baking sheet before adding the veggies. Itwill make sure both sides are evenly roasted and delicious.


12. Shower Cap Wrap

Don’t waste plastic wrap and aluminum foil to cover your foods. Use shower caps instead. The elastic band around them makes it easier for them to fit on bowls and containers. You can just rinse them clean and reuse them, too.


13. Chill Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap can be frustrating to work with. It never wants to peel up from the roll, and when it does, it tears or is hard to rip in a straight line. There’s an easy way to fix it, though. Just put your plastic wrap in the fridge. When it’s cold, it’s easier to work with.


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